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In the period from 28th to 30th March 2017, a study visit to the MoI of the Republic of Slovenia was organized for 6 representatives of the MoI of the Republic of Serbia who take part in the implementation of the Project.

The objective of the study visit to the MoI of the Republic of Slovenia  was their direct introduction to a strategic method of implementation of the gender equality policy in the MoI and police services of Slovenia (preparation of strategic and planning documentation for implementation of the equal opportunities policy) and then with the organizational structure that supports the implementation of policy, strategy and implementation plans and finally with the implementation of this policy above all through human resources management functions (recruitment, selection, development and promotion).

Starting from the human resources management system which includes formation of a secure work environment, one of the objectives was familiarization with the implementation method for implementation of anti-discrimination policy and protection of employees against all forms of discrimination at work, especially against gender-based discrimination and particularly against sexual harassment (policies, regulations, procedures, protection mechanisms-instruments, manuals, promotional materials, protection of the discrimination victim, etc.).