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There is a plan according to a proposal to develop a IT-application for support of the OLG and management of the ILP process – a so called computerised business management system called “POM-A”.

In the previous ILP project 2011-2015 this topic has been subject for possible solution and the Swedish Police IT-application called PUM-A (The Police National Intelligence Model – Administration) has been suggested as an example of designing a similar system for the Serbian MoI. The PUM-A is developed by the Swedish Police and used as planning tool and documentary system for operational and strategic planning of police activities in line with the ILP model. The Swedish PUM-A is also integrated with and dependant of 2 other licensed IT-platforms for Human Resources and integrated Financial Business Management to function in an operational and useful way. Those 2 IT-system for HR do not currently exist in similar form in the Serbian IT-infrastructure. Therefor it is a need for modify and make a new study and planning for activity of how to solve this topic. It requires a new feasibility study and need analysis.

Additionally, there is an activity planned to study and develop tools for supporting analysis work of the police. There is an ambition to unifying the systems of intelligence to same standard and compatible with each other’s and also here have the Serbian Police showed interest of how the Swedish Police has developed its infrastructure of intelligence data systems.

The first step to revise and alternate the approach angle for this topic was done on the 8 December 2016 when 2 Swedish Experts (an IT systems analyst and a specialist on PUM-A and OLG) from the Stockholm Regional Police visited Belgrade. This was the first meetings with the ILP Project Management Team (PMT), the heads and experts of Service for Criminal Analysis (SKA) in the General Police Directorates and Sector for Analytics, Telecommunication and Information Technology (SATIT) of Serbian Ministry of Interior to get an overview of the organisational functions, responsibilities and capabilities of the different organisational units when it comes to collecting, storing and analysing different sorts of data useful for the criminal intelligence work and in the perspective of ILP.

The Swedish experts and PMT got a first refreshed introduction to the 2 main stakeholders within the Serbian MoI that are important contributors in the ILP work and will be key-player in the IT-support for the ILP implementation process. A better understanding for the complex IT-infrastructure and diversification of analyst’s resources within the MoI has been achieved. This was valuable data for further consideration how to re-align the future project activities concerning IT-support in best way.