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The first two groups of Impact of EU reforms on EU accession negotiation process of the RS and MoI course was held 6-8 and 8-10 May 2019.

The course has the aim to support the MOI in the development of EU integration and negotiation capacities and that way increased local level capacity and improve systems (business processes) across the depth of the MOI structure and support most importantly EU accession efforts.
Through this course MOI administrations (staff related to the EU integration process) will be able to have better knowledge of the process of the reform within the JHA Sector in EU, their impact on the Accession Negotiation process of the RS and Ministry of the Interior as lead institution within the Chapter 24, learn about the possible solution and different responds to the new challenges, explain the root and cause of the reform within EU and how one candidate country should position itself and respond to new obligations in accordance with the timeline and overall accession tempo.